What Can Marketing Automation Do for You?

Marketing automation refers to the process of automating a set of tasks that are part of marketing sector of a company, which are inseparable part of any business nowadays. This process usually helps with automating certain repetitive tasks that are conducted regularly, usually every day. Marketing automation can be applied with different type of assignments such as email marketing, social media, sales monitoring, etc.

Automation platforms (like or ) allow using different automation tools available as web-based software that requires no installation from the users, which makes automation platforms quite convenient and user-friendly. Here is what a marketing automation tool, such as Ontraport automation platform can do for you.

Monitoring sales process

Sales process requires constant monitoring, as you want to make sure that the system is working properly. You want to make sure that all of the payments are registered. If you offer an online sign-up system, you need to make sure that the membership access is working flawlessly, especially in cases when there are problems with accepting credit cards, or updating credit card information.

Automation platform allows you to automate the system of online payments, allowing easy update of information and reacharging of declined cards. You will also automate membership access through the automation tool, as the tool will automatically regulate access to the website based on the payment information which is integrated as a part of the tool.

Email marketing

Sending emails is a daily task that can take up a lot of your time. However, it is a very important task when it comes to establishing good relationship with the customers. Email communication is divided into several levels, so that you can reach those who have just become your customers, offering a follow-up text that will provide more information about your company, product or the website, if we talk about online memberships. You also might need to send thank you emails or follow-up emails to those who have considered becoming your clients in the past, but you were unable to convert them.

In this sense, email marketing helps you improve sales and increase the number of satisfied customers, which will be a great recommendation for your business. Marketing automation tool will help you with these tasks, as you will have a set of templates at your disposal to speed up the process of communication. Furthermore, marketing automation tool also provides the outline of your previous communication with the clients, which will help you determine how you have already interacted with the client. This will help you develop a personalized approach in communication with the clients, which will have a positive effect on your customer relationship.

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