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is a tool that is usually recommended for small and mid-sized companies, as well as for entrepreneurs. The tool provides an interface with features to help with automation, email marketing, CRM, etc. It is formerly known as Office Autopilot.

has a simplified dashboard with features that can be easily used by people who do not have much experience in working with similar platforms. This is one of the main reasons why this tool is particularly recommended for small companies and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the costs, training documentation and all-in-one platform contribute to the popularity of this tool among that target group.

Simple online setup allows you to easily purchase the tool and start using it immediately. You will also get 90 days money back guarantee, so you explore the tool and see if and how you can use it in your business. After the initial setup, you will also get 2 hours consultation with the Ontraport team, where you can get additional information and learn about the true potential of this tool. Have in mind that you will have to make an appointment in advance.

We will now focus on pros and cons of .


– Centralized management system with all important metrics combined in one tool.

– Easy to configure and use, including the dashboard that can be customized (drag and drop the fields, rearrange the tabs, etc.).

– Training documents and one-time consultation with Ontraport team.

– Annual user conference “ONTRApalooza” is a great event for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

– Integration of postcards and emails, as well as landing pages.

– Automation triggers and autoresponders.

– Great integration with PayPal payments and WordPress.

– The “if-then” rules are great feature for targeting.

– It allows you to easily contact all of your clients or groups of clients.

– Setting up of the opt-in system where users can connect with Facebook or via text message


– Occasionally, you may encounter problems with CSV upload.

– There could be more email templates in the email builder, including other formats, such as newsletters, product launch, etc.

– Some of the components are not fully integrated with one another.

– There is no fully-featured shopping cart.

– Some important filtering options are missing.

– There are not many plugins and integrations.

– The software seems less responsive than Infusionsoft.

– Not enough API integrations.

– There are no company records, which is why the software is not recommended for B2B companies.

Case studies by industry

Case studies by industry Ontraport
Sports&Leisure Tom Richard, Fitness Equipment Retailer, Gym Source
Coaching Taki Moore, Founder, Coach Marketing Machine
Professionals Dr. Dan Handford, Chiropractor
Real estate Andrew Wadsworth, ReadySet Property Inspections
Information products Parent Learning Club.
Marketing Taki Moore, Founder, Coach Marketing Machine
Products Ocean Robbins, Founder, FoodRevolution.org
Software&Technology The Foundation
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Use if:

– You are new to online marketing and you need an easy way to learn.

– You are a small company that needs solution for messages and team management, tracking of workflow and payments, etc.

– You want to add personalized offers such as coupon codes to the groups or specific contacts.

– You want site plugin for WordPress.

– You want an all-in-one solution, to handle CRM, e-commerce and payments from one place.

Don’t use if:

– You are a B2B company.

– You expect lots of integration and plugins.

– You expect to receive support from online community, because there are no official forums you can address to.

– You need advanced visual designing capabilities.

– You own an online store and you need shopping carts or storefront.

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