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offers two payment solutions, with different amount of resources available within each of them. Since Ontraport offers an all-in-one interface, you will find a lot of features you need integrated in both of these plans. You will get personalized URLs, postcards and landing pages, as well as integration with WordPress and mobile platform, so you will not be required to purchase additional third party extensions, as the tool provides everything you need. In addition, both plans include 2 hours of consultation after the initial setup.

The first payment plan offered by Ontraport is a pro payment solution, which is suitable for small companies or bloggers, as it allows only 2 users. The amount of contacts that can be added is 25,000, with the ability to send up to 100,000 emails per month. This means that if you in fact have 25,000 contacts, you can only sent up to 4 emails per month, without exceeding your limit. Ontraport Pro is available for $297 per month.

The second solution allows up to 10 team members which is more suitable for companies that have more team members who will be working on the same project and using Ontraport tool. While with this solution you are able to add up to 100,000 contacts, the amount of emails you can send per month remains the same, 100,000 emails. The price for Ontraport Team is $597 per month.

The basic features included in both to these packages are the following:

– CRM (including lead scoring, automation, and mobile access)

– Marketing (ontramail, dashboard for tracking metrics and creating reports, Facebook integration, event management, etc.)

– Payments (order forms, recurring billing and payment plans, coupon codes)

– Partners (creating partner program, automation of the sign-up process, tracking, etc.)

– Automate (creating and setting up your own automation rules)

– Publish (landing pages are available, simple to use publishing tool, members-only areas, etc.)

– Services (get support or hire a concierge team)

– Integrate (open source API, integration with shopping carts, social sites, etc.)

Additional costs

If you want to optimize the payment plan according to your needs, you can include additional features, which include:

– 100,000 more contacts ($99 per month)

– Additional users ($47 per user)

– 100,000 more email messages ($99 per month)

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