Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing is a process of reaching customers, increasing sales and developing long-term relationship with the customers in order to ensure the repeated sales. This process is based on a strategy that introduces different phases along the process in order to ensure that the strategy is well-implemented and that it will provide good results.

As seen from the infographic below, we can differentiate three phases of lifecycle marketing.


The first phase of lifecycle marketing is about attracting the customers and if you want to fulfill this tasks you will have to:

Learn about your audience

In order to determine who your potential customers are, you have to find out as much as possible about your audience. Some of the questions you should focus on include: Who are your customers? What do they need? Why will they choose to buy from you?

Connect with your audience

Once you have determine who you potential customers are, you can adapt the strategy to appeal to this target group. The only way you will be able to generate leads is by being able to reach and attract your audience.


The second phase of lifecycle marketing is sale. Successful first phase ensures sales by creating bond with customers. You need to allow customers to easily find you and buy from you, by making this process simple, in order to maximize the number of purchases.


The final phrase is where you amaze your customers, earn yourself a recommendation and ensure a repeated purchase. The best way to amaze your customers is by providing quality product or service, communicating with the customers and providing customer support if needed, or even delivering more using awards, discounts, etc.

The whole process of lifecycle marketing is a marketing plan designed to help you improve your business and achieve success by establishing a good relationship with your customers through these three phases of lifecycle marketing.

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