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is an all-in-one solution that combines all the elements of a small business. It helps with email marketing, CRM, and e-commerce, as it has fully developed shopping carts and email builder to establish a communication with the clients.  Additional features also help with growing email list as the tool allows opt-in system.

This solution is perfect if you have a small company, with a sales team and if your business requires a more complex sales process, such as proposal, demos, etc. You could also benefit from Infusionsoft if you are a B2B company, and if you need a great number of extensions and integrations, as this tool is perfect for such purpose.

We have been using for our company and what we have particularly liked about this software is the following:

1) The possibility to access the centralized database via computer or mobile device (Infusionsoft App).

2) Managing several marketing campaigns simultaneously.

3) Communication process that goes through Infusionsoft, as we can track opens, clicks, etc.

4) The possibility to track sales and create reports for other departments in our company.

We will now focus on pros and cons of Infusionsoft.


– There are a lot of plugins and extensions.

– The dashboard provides a lot of opportunities for monitoring campaigns, as it shows latest activity, which also helps with tracking the leads through the pipeline. The dashboard also allows simple management of the campaigns.

– The tool allows to communicate differently with different clients (proposal, follow ups, demos, etc.)

– There are a lot of third party integartions for creating landing pages, postcards and other extensions.

– The Campaign Builder is one of the biggest advantages of this tool, as it is remarkable for both visual features and functionality.

– Setting up a shopping cart environment, which is perfect if you have a lot of products.

– The amount of details you can get from each contact.

– Setting up task sequences and notes.

– The possibility to schedule automated follow up emails.

– Tags and action triggers.

– The e-commerce and affiliate marketing opportunities are a great benefit.

– The CRM system is very complex with lots of advanced features.

– It stores company records, as well as opportunity records.


– Mandatory $1,999 kickstart training package.

– There is no free trial.

– The reporting can sometimes be inconsistent. (In accounting reports, the data are sometimes missing even for the emails that are sent through the Campaign Builder).

– There are not enough options for advanced editing of the form design.

– There is no option for A/B testing. Instead, it requires integration of third party extension, which can be too difficult to setup.

– No personalized URLs, postcards or email integrated. Instead, you have to use third party extensions.

– The CRM part of the software is not very suitable for service based companies.

– Occasional problems with the formatting inside the email editor.

– Reporting could use improvement, as there are not enough data.

– Infusionsoft interface is too complex and it can be a challenge for new customer.

– You will have to invest many hours in learning how to manage the software.

– There are not enough social media integration (no Facebook opt-in integration).

Case studies by industry

Case studies by industry Infusionsoft
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Use if:

– You are a small business looking to organize and grow sales.

– You are looking a tool to help you save time with organization of sales.

– You need to create end-to-end sales and marketing campaigns.

– You want a Campaign Builder which is great visually.

– You want to use additional third party extensions to customize your strategy.

Don’t use if:

– You need a simple platform that requires no special skills or training.

– You do not have experience in working with and managing this kind of application.

– You are looking for a cheap solution for organizing and growing sales.

– You only need a tool to help you with email marketing.

– You want to use PayPal for your subscription.

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