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offers several payment plans, depending on the type of business you run. What they all have in common is the Kickstart package ($1,999) which is required for all new customers.This package includes consulting services and training resources. The package fee is not refundable.

It is not possible to simply sign up online and purchase the software on your own, but instead you will have to go through Infusionsoft sales representative or you will have to consult one of the certified partners. There is no free trial or money back guarantee in either of these cases.

All of plans include some basic features that will allow you to work on CRM and automation. However, the scale of the features differs between the most essential plan and more advanced payment solutions. Therefore, if you need e-commerce tools, for sales management and tracking, the Essential plan will not provide enough functionalities for you, and you should consider using the payment plan that fully provides the features you need. In this case, the payment plan you would need is Deluxe e-commerce as it allows full access to the storefront, shopping carts, etc.

Here are the payment plans available at Infusionsoft and the features they include:

The most essential payment plan is suitable for small businesses with basic marketing needs. It allows 3 users, 2,500 contacts and up to 12,500 emails per month. The price of this package is $199 per month.

This package is perfect for sales teams consisting up to 4 users. It includes 5,000 contacts and up to 25,000 emails per month. Besides the features from the Essential plan, this plan includes enhanced CRM and sales automation features. This package is available at $299 per month.

If you own an online store, this is a perfect package for you. Besides the basic features included in the Essential plan, this package provides additional features including e-commerce tools like a storefront, shopping cart, order forms, etc. You will be allowed to add 4 users, 5,000 contacts and send up to 25,000 emails per month. This package is available at $299 per month.

The Complete package is suitable for companies that have an online store and sales teams, as it combines all of the features available in the previous packages. The package allows up to 5 users, 10,000 contacts and 50,000 emails per month. The price of the Complete package is $379 per month.


Additional costs

Additional users can be added with additional payment, from $49 to $69 a month per user, depending on which edition you have.

If you happen to exceed the email limit you will be charged at the price of $0.002 per email that is over the limit ($2.00 per thousand emails).

You can upgrade your account to include additional contacts and emails. You will have to contact sales department about the terms related to such upgrade.

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