Infusionsoft ecosystem (infographic)

is a platform for online marketing and organization of sales, primarily designed for small to mid-sized companies. The main feature of the platform include customer relationship management (CRM), automation marketing, generation of leads, as well as features for e-commerce.

The company was founded in 2001, and it was one of the highly ranked companies in the USA for the past couple of years.

The infographics published by presents the progress report about the company that provides basic data about the company and the approach they use, as well as the information about the progress of the company and the main features that can help businesses. Let us examine the data from this infographic in order to explore the main features and benefits of this software.

The first part introduces the basic information about the company. The main purpose of Infusionsoft is to simplify sales and marketing by improving Lifecycle Marketing, which refers to attracting leads and growing sales.

The following part is focused on the development of the software, how the number of employees, as well as the number of clients grew over the years. Some of the main figures in favor of overall influence of Infusionsoft are the following:

– 4.9 billion emails delivered by our customers from 7/13 – 7/14

– 8.6 million the number of contacts our customers have added to date

– $2.6 billion processed by customers through our ecommerce platform from 7/13 – 7/14

GroSocial by Infusionsoft is a software developed by Infusionsoft that helps with lead generation from social networks. The purpose of this software is to help small businesses benefit from their online presence and generate leads by attracting fans and turning them into potential customers using social promotions and contests.

CustomerHub by Infusionsoft is a part of the software that requires membership and enables members who have successfully integrated Infusionsoft in their business to share their experience with other members. This area can also help you find suggestions on how to take the most out of this software in order to improve your business. Infusionsoft reached more than 4 million users in 2014.

is completely optimized for mobile devices, so users can easily keep up with their online work and with their business progress via a mobile device. Snap by Infusionsoft allows adding contacts to Infusionsoft account easily.

The following part of the infographic deals with the Marketplace by Infusionsoft. Since Infusionsoft is known to enable a lot of integration and extensions which further improve the software, the company itself encourages development of new apps, in the annual Battle of the Apps Competition. So far, there are over 43,000 campaign templates installed and over 130 apps available to the customers to enhance Infusionsoft .

Developers by Infusionsoft is in the beta face and represents support and source of information for developers to build apps and integrations to improve the existing features of the software.

Infusionsoft Certified Partners is a program that enables marketing consultants and developers to bring software closer to the potential clients, such as small businesses. Their goal is to promote the features of the Infusionsoft through online presentation. Infusionsoft’s partner conference is organized every year.

The following part of the infographic present the Lifecycle Marketing and how this framework can help you improve your business. Training sessions are organized in several states in the USA, as well as in the UK and Australia, where small business can learn about the features available within Infusionsoft platform.

The final part of this progress report consists of the official recognitions of the software, which showcase the influence the software has on business professionals around the world. Furthermore, Infusionsoft was named a 2014 CRM Watchlist Elite.
It was reported that the following year is supposed to bring further improvements of this software. Since online marketing and customer relationship management are very important in modern business, the fact remains that these kind of tools will provide a lot of benefits to small companies in need of a solution to simplify and unite their work inside a software that will both efficiently manage the data and successfully provide information about the business strategy.

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