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Business Automation Success Secrets

Free business automation guide. Click here Business should be regarded as a system, and as such it consists of several phases that are combined together into a meaningful process, resulting in a positive outcome. Automation is a process of automating

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Lifecycle Marketing

Infusionsoft demo Lifecycle marketing is a process of reaching customers, increasing sales and developing long-term relationship with the customers in order to ensure the repeated sales. This process is based on a strategy that introduces different phases along the process

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Top infusionsoft videos

Here you have a selection of the best videos about Infusionsoft. Some of them are educational, some of them are informative, some of them are from Infusionsoft consultants… in any case all of them are quite good. Infusionsoft Demo Video

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Best marketing automation presentations

Here you have a selection of marketing automation presentations, in powerpoint format. Enjoy them! (if you visit ontraport or infusionsoft sites you can finde more). Enjoy them! Marketing automation is certainly on the rise. Take a look at 20 of

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Best marketing automation videos

Here you have a selection of my favorite marketing automation videos. Enjoy them! (if you visit ontraport or infusionsoft sites you can finde more): What Marketing Automation is & How to Use It 7 minutes to learn everything you need

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Infusionsoft versus Ontraport (infographic)

New to automation marketing?. Then, you probably need to have a look at this interessting infographic or check this in-depth comparison: infusionsoft vs ontraport. Both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses, and it won’t be an easy decision. Infusionsoft is

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What Can Marketing Automation Do for You?

Marketing automation refers to the process of automating a set of tasks that are part of marketing sector of a company, which are inseparable part of any business nowadays. This process usually helps with automating certain repetitive tasks that are

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Infusionsoft ecosystem (infographic)

Infusionsoft is a platform for online marketing and organization of sales, primarily designed for small to mid-sized companies. The main feature of the platform include customer relationship management (CRM), automation marketing, generation of leads, as well as features for e-commerce.

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Ontraport is an automation software, especially designed for small companies or entrepreneurs who want to have an easy-to-use tool that provides all of the most essential features one need when working on CRM services, email marketing, managing online sales and

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Hi there, my name is Albert Mora and after having worked for more than 17 years on marketing online projects, I can assure you there is no perfect software. Of course, online tools will simplify your work, but a tool is just a tool and you need to use it properly. I will try to give an unbiased reviews of both Infusionsoft and Ontraport (formerly known as Office autopilot) in this blog. If you have any question, I'll be delighted to answer you in my FAQ section.